Negotiating Insurance Claims Attorney in Plano, Texas

The Truth about Comprehensive General Liability and Commercial Liability Insurance.

They say the transition of the "C" in CGL insurance from Comprehensive to Commercial is a matter of updating to current vernacular.  More than likely, it is the result of insurance companies hearing lawyers representing insureds tell judges and juries the policy should have been called Not So Comprehensive.  It is important that anyone evaluating making a claim on a CGL policy or an insured submitting a claim to the insurer understand what the policy does and does not cover. Historically, the CGL policy would cover the consequences of occurrences during the time of the policy.  The policy would cover most consequences of an action by the insured. Hence the abundance of coverage for asbestos claims made today which originated from a choice of building or manufacturing materials made decades ago.

Current CGL policies limit coverage to claims made during the policy period for damage to property other the insured's.  There are exceptions to pursue such as CGL endorsements on policies required for certain major projects or manufacturing which would provide coverage for other events connected to the insured during the policy period.  It is important to have a potentially critical claim, either by you or against you, reviewed by an attorney experienced in examining coverage before you engage the insurer. Once an insurance company makes an initial review and commits to a course of action, developing the true factual background of a claim in the future will probably not result in any change of position by the insurer.