I met Laird at my business and on one of his visits I was in the middle of pool problems that I could not negotiate.  The pool builder was unresponsive to my issues and would not talk to me or return my calls. I lamented to Laird my woes which are very common in the pool world.   I distinctly remember Laird saying to me " Chris you do not have to put up with that kind of treatment from a business standpoint".   I was surprised by Laird's response.  He patiently explained to me there was a legal procedure for dealing with these things, along with a legal process.  Laird walked us through the procedure over a period of time and obtained a compensation package to repair the problem with my pool.  This has brought about a great friendship with Laird.   I highly recommend Laird for any legal services requirement that we normal people may find ourselves in.  


I met Laird in 2004 when I was asked by a mutual friend to bid a concrete job for.him. During the course of bidding the work, I found that Laird was an attorney and he had experience in an area of law that I need immediate assistance in. I enter into a contract with Laird for him to represent me in that matter. He took a seemingly impossible situation and was able to turn it around. He ended up defending me in a construction claim case and suing my insurance company for not defending me in the case.  Not only was I held harmless in the original suit, I recovered damages from my insurance company for neglecting to cover me.

I have had other attorneys represent me in various matters and they have all been a disappointment because of their lack of knowledge and ethics. Laird, on the other hand, has always been very knowledgeable and ethical in every situation he has represented or advised me in. His quick wit and his trademark saying"...let's see if can have some fun doing this..", has taken unsavory events and made them much more palatable.

I can't imagine having to entrust me and my family interest to another attorney.


Count on Laird to tell you the way it is.  Laird has represented my business and family for over 20 years.  His work has included partnership disputes and business insurance claims.  His documents protected my interests during a divorce.  He never quits, keeps it all in perspective and has a sense of humor to get us through the pressure.